Football Field Sound System

New speakers for the field.  Community all weather R.35 Loudspeakers to deliver clear voice reproduction and great music quality to get the spectators pumped up.  Safety was our main concern for our installation team here.  Used a 60' boom lift to make sure nothing would fall during the process.

Using their existing amplifier we were able to deliver an affordable upgrade that sounds like an expensive system without much investment.  These new speakers are miles above the old paging horns we removed.

Baseball Field Sound System  

New speakers only for the field.  Sticking with the Community Loudspeaker brand again to deliver the voice clarity they desperately needed.  The fans are loving the new upgrade.  

Football Field Sound System

We have used this sound system design at numerous Schools.  All speakers are hung from a custom bracket on top of the press box (small fill speakers below).  This makes the system a point source array.  Eliminating undesired delay problems with speakers distributed across the field.  The entire football field, track, home and away bleachers are covered with striking sonic quality delivered from the R2 and R.5 series loudspeakers.  In addition to the large array some small speakers are needed for fill at the immediate sides of the home stands.  This is a fantastic system that will produce great sound for many years to come.

Audio Visual Centennial Installation  Sports Bar and Banquet Room 


Over 48 TV's - 70", 80", and 90" all run off of a 16x48 matrix switching system.  This system runs TV's and projectors all the way back to the Banquet Rooms, through the Dining room, into the lower bar, and then up into the upper level Bar.  One massive 3.8mm LED Video Screen 14.5' x 8.5' provides sports games seen like never before.  We ended up using a trolley system to safely hang it.  Our customer wanted it backed up to the wall during operation.  If the screen ever needs to be serviced we had to easily get it away from the wall.  A trolley system was exactly what was needed and works amazingly.  The entire video system is controlled with an IPAD.  Our customer really likes this since anyone can walk up to a TV and change it in a matter of seconds.  We have found their customers can be very demanding. Easy control is absolutely essential for them. 

Sound System

Comprised of brands like Electro Voice, JBL, Ashly Audio, Community Loudspeakers, all powered by Crown Amplifiers.  This system is very large for a sports bar.  Utilizing 14 discrete zones they can listen to anything anywhere using two Ashly Protea 24.24M Digital Signal Processors controlled by an IPAD.  Wireless mics feed each main area using antennas wired directly to the area needed for usage.  Had to use an additional DSP Ashly 4.8 DSP for the dance area in the upper level since we ran out of outputs, but still needed to control the dance floor speakers.  The Ashly IPAD app was truly a life saver.  Did not cost any money, was easy to program, and controls the system flawlessly.


Used to highlight the unique shape of the building.  We used a fantastic product on the ends of the building.  It is full color RGB LED NEON.  Unlike regular glass neon this stuff will last a lifetime without the need for repair.  This was our first time working with the product.  We love it and look forward to installing it again.

Audio Visual Denver Installation


Madrix Professional is driving the 32' wide x 4' tall 5mm LED video screen.  The owner had a vision of a very wide screen.  Madrix really makes this easy.  No extra scalers were used just Madrix DVI output straight to the screens sending card.  

LED Pixel Ceiling

Madrix is also controlling the LED ceiling.  Comprised of 32 DMX universes over Streaming ACN we were able to build some truly unique effects. 

Moving Lights

8 moving head spots were used on the main dance floor area.  An extra 4 matrix beams were used near the DJ area to give it a little more punch.  Controlled with Martin Light Jockey we were able to get some great looks. 


2 X-Beam 5000's from X-Laser running on Pangolin Laser Control Software.


We had the challenge of updating their existing sound system while staying on budget.  Most of the drivers in the EAW Avalon system were replaced.  Amplifiers were cleaned and repaired then load tested for 24 hours.  New amplifiers added to give the system the punch that resident DJ Ekotek demanded and is now very happy with.  The room is a bit harsh in certain frequencies.  Using the Ashly Protea 24.24m Digital Signal processor we were able to overcome the rooms sound with parametric EQ.

Audio Visual Denver Night Club Installation

Video / Visual FX / Laser

Using a 3.8mm LED Video Screen with 24 DMX universes Prive can produce some amazing visual effects.  The LED pixel Tape from Elation Lighting is very bright and colorful.  The LED Tape was designed into a mirrored panel system that is unlike anything else.  Madrix controls both the Video screen and the pixel tape producing very seamless visuals that can easily pulse to the music.  

A 5watt RGB full color laser brings extra life  into the atmosphere.  

Sound System

The owner here was very specific of which sound system he wanted FUNKTION ONE.  Funktion one definatley delivers the sound quality he was after.  This was the first time we got the chance to work with such a high quality product.  Hats off to the engineers and designers at Funktion One.  We were truly impressed with the quality right out of the box.  Jason Goetz "Funktion One is hands down one of the best loudspeakers I have ever heard.  It was very easy to install and the support was impressive.  I will gladly install Funktion One as much as possible."   Funktion one is in Dorchester Lounge and Prive.  In the upstairs we used Community Loudspeakers since they can take the outside abuse Denver, Colorado gives us 24/7